Commercial Dryers Repair

Commercial dryers work intensively. In fact, they work non-stop.

Dr. Dryer caters for all the nonsense dryers such as

  • Electrolux.
  • Speed ​​Queen.
  • Maytag.
  • Whirlpool.
  • UniMac.
  • Wascomat.
  • American Dryer Corporation
  • CrossOver
  • Dexter Stack Dryer
  • Huebsch
  • Other

Professional repair — affordable and inexpensive

Drum, heating elements, bearings and belts are the most prone to wear. If your dryer stops turning on, warms up, suspicious noises appear, this is a direct reason to contact us for emergency help. The technician will come to you on the day of your request.

Types of jobs:

  • diagnostics, testing and troubleshooting;
  • removal of foreign objects stuck in the case;
  • dismantling of the faulty zone;
  • elimination of extraneous noise, replacement of the old drum and worn-out bearings;
  • repair or replacement of electronics;
  • repair or replacement of motor;
  • replacement of heating elements;
  • assembly, connection.


By calling our technician, you get any service quickly, efficiently, and profitably. At the end of the repair, your appliance is checked by special tests, and a warranty for serviceability is issued.

The main causes of breakdowns:

  • voltage surges.
  • high humidity in the laundry.
  • Operation of appliances in an unforeseen mode.

The lack of proper prevention will sooner or later lead the owner to the service.

A breakdown always happens at an inconvenient moment. To prevent unnecessary downtime from interfering with your business, it is worth taking preventive measures in advance

Each part or assembly has its own service life and permissible wear rate. If the replacement is not carried out in time, the imbalance in the work of the weak link will ultimately lead to damage to the entire unit. Major repairs are expensive and not always cost-effective.

Doctor Dryer will take care of your commercial laundry appliances, regardless of its class, brand and model.

Choose our repair and get diagnostics for free!


*Diagnostics are free if you agree to repair with us

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